Here in Colorado, we’re lucky to be able to enjoy pleasant outdoor weather much of the year. With all this time we spend outdoors, it only makes sense to create a space to illuminate exterior features as much as possible. Afterall, keeping the outside of the home looking attractive is as important as spicing up the inside. Indeed, outside areas of the home play an important role in curb appeal and can add wonderful ambiance for long evenings spent outside.

It’s the perfect time of year to take a step back and consider all the options for enhancing the overall look of the property. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Add lighting to your patio

Patio/porch lights can make even a dull outdoor space appear re-energized. There are many unique ways through which you can install patio lights to make the outdoors look attractive both during daytime and nighttime.

You can start with the lighting fixtures that you select. Fixtures should complement the style and landscape of the home. For example, antique lighting fixtures work well with older homes that have a more traditional design.

The color and materials used for the fixtures should also complement the patio itself. For example, wooden patios made of timber work well with fixtures that have earth-colored tones. Lamps can also work well for patios that have lots of outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs, and outdoor fireplaces.

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  1. Light up the pathways

If you have pathways that lead to the front of the home, you can spice them up to look better as the sun goes down. Install outdoor lights to emphasize the boundary between pathways and the yard itself. This creates an exciting sense of adventure whenever you’re walking towards the front door.

The lighting also creates an attractive maze pattern between your footpaths and other landscaping features.

  1. Install an electric fountain

Have you ever noticed how soothing the sound of running water is? Why not install a fountain and keep that peaceful feeling all the time. Moving water always creates a serene and calming environment that suits the home. Electric fountains are an excellent choice because they use electric power to propel the water upwards.

The height of the waterfall is therefore maintained whenever the unit is on and the supply of water is constant. When surrounded by proper landscaping, a fountain can significantly increase curb appeal.

PRO TIP: Give it an extra special look when you add fountain lights.

  1. Consider retractable awnings

There’s no doubt the Colorado sun can blaze hot. When the sun is out, especially in the middle of summer, most people tend to seek shelter indoors. However, you can make better use of your outdoor space by installing a retractable awning. Awnings provide much needed shelter from the sun and rain, and you can spend more time outdoors regardless of the current weather. Plus, you’ll have the option of retracting it on those cooler days when you actually want to feel the heat of the sun on your skin.

Through their retractable operation, you can pull your awning closed during inclement weather or heavy snowfall.

PRO TIP: Set the mood with awning lights.

  1. Create an outdoor fireplace

There’s something special about long evenings spent outside with family and friends, but oftentimes there can be a chill in the air prompting everyone to want to head inside to warmer temperatures. That’s where a fireplace or fire pit would come in handy! Having a fireplace in your backyard or on your patio can make you feel like you’re camping deep in the woods – but with the added benefit of your favorite amenities. Rather than traditional wood fires, consider artificial fireplaces that use electric or gas-powered flames. These are cleaner, more efficient, and easier to maintain for your outdoor space.

  1. Add a hot tub

What better way to relax than soaking in a hot tub? Not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and fresh air that those of us who live in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas love, but you also get to take a well-deserved break.  The electricians of Front Range Electric know that Colorado residents love their hot tubs, and connecting them is one of our specialties!

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  1. Design a greenhouse

To make your backyard even more useful, you should consider installing a small greenhouse for growing vegetables. Greenhouses will give you a head start to planting once the weather begins to get warm.

If you have an outdoor garden, a greenhouse can essentially keep you in operation throughout the year. Ensure that the greenhouse receives proper lighting and airflow.

Illuminating your outdoor space is not only a beautiful way to showcase your home there can be plenty of practical reasons as well. Whether you want to add lights and features, or simply need an electrician to take a look at your current set up, we’re your one-stop-shop!

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