1. Get to Know Your Local Electrician

    Have you recently remodeled your kitchen or are you experiencing issues with your electrical system? Or, are you considering investigating if your electrical system can run even more efficiently. Whatever electrical repair, or installation need you may have, the local electricians of Front Range Electric in Colorado Springs are here to help you have an electrical system that will run well, sustain…Read More

  2. 7 Things to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

    Are you wanting to finally remodel that kitchen, getting rid of those 70s style cabinets? Or are you simple ready to start the new year with a new kitchen to better fit your new life or lifestyle? Or is the kitchen remodel part of a whole house overhaul? Whatever the the reason for your kitchen remodel, there are several aspects of a remodel that you must consider before you start planning and esp…Read More

  3. A New Bathroom for the New Year

    The new year has finally come, and with the new year comes the refreshing, invigorating idea of a new start and the opportunity for a new direction. Whatever your new year’s resolution is, often it is beneficial to make a change in your environment, to make the place that you live reflect your resolution, or be a place that makes you happy and supports your positive direction. The bathroom is a …Read More

  4. A New Year, A New Bathroom?

    It’s almost the new year, and if you are like most, you are wishing 2016 “au revoir” and preparing, more than ready for a new year. One of the greatest benefits of a new year is to start over, get a fresh start, and a new or better focus on our goals and the things we want out of life. And perhaps for you, a bathroom remodel is in order! Breath New Life into an Old Space A bathroom remodel c…Read More

  5. How to Avoid Electrical Problems this Holiday Season

    The holidays are finally here and we’re sure you’ve already started decorating and getting into the holiday spirit: Decorating your tree, crusting your house in holiday lights, and putting a little bit of Christmas cheer all around your home. Whether you’ve only just begun to decorate or you have the house decorated to the gills with every decoration that you have, the electricians of Front …Read More