Electrical Panel Upgrades and Installations

Do you have an older residence with outdated wiring and electrical panels? Are you unsure if your electrical panel and system are up-to-date? Did you move into an older home and are wondering what is going on with your electrical system? Having an up-to-date electrical panel and system is not only important for the efficiency of your home and reliable functionality, but also for your family’s safety. The electricians at Front Range Electric would love to help you feel safe and confident in your electrical wiring and panel.

Upgrades and Installation Services

Whether you need to install a new electrical panel or upgrade an older one, the electricians of Front Range Electric in Colorado Springs are here to help.  Our certified electricians can evaluate your fuses or circuit breakers to make sure they measure up.  If your system is older, it may have parts that are no longer available or are less safe than the newer systems.  Taking into account your supply needs and your budget, our electricians can offer the upgrades that will give you the power supply you need at a cost you can afford.

  • Assessment – The electricians at Front Range electric are certified and have the experience to spot issues in your system no matter how large or small.
  • Repair – We can repair your current electrical panel and get your system up and running.
  • Upgrade – Many times, older electrical panels need to be upgraded due to building code requirements and safety. Our electricians will work within your budget so you can have the best system for your needs.
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Other Electrical Services We Offer

Unsure of what is going on with your electrical system? Does your electrical system seem to be weak or ineffective? Contact the electricians of Front Range Electric! Our electricians are experienced in providing professional services for Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. We are the local electricians that can help you have an electrical system that will not only be efficient and up to code, but will work every time and you can be confident will be safely configured. Other electrical services we offer:

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What is an Electrical Panel?

The electrical panels of our Colorado Spring homes are things, like most elements of our homes, that we don’t think about often, because it simply does it’s job without bothering us or needing our attention. However, depending on what kind of home you live in, you may want to give your electrical panel some attention. Before we tell you why you should be aware of your electrical panel, let us first tell you what it is.

Your electrical panel is essentially the one stop for all the main wiring elements of your home’s electrical system. It is like a gate between the city’s electricity supply and your home’s system. It protects your home and the city’s systems from the dangerous effects of malfunctions, overloading, and other issues that can occur on either side of the gate.

Most homes built after the 1950’s have an updated electrical panel, but those older homes built around the turn of the century and up to the 50s may have an electrical panel that uses old, outdated technology called knob and tube wiring.

5 Dangers of Knob & Tube Wiring

If you haven’t had a problem with your system, it is easy to put off updating the electrical panel in your Colorado Springs home. As your Top Rated Local® electricians, we would strongly advise against this. Why? First, if you use such a system, you are probably not getting the electrical supply that you need, and secondly, it’s dangerous. The utility needs of modern users has significantly increased with the type and number of appliances that we have installed in modern homes, and due to computers, TVs, and other electronics. All of these electronic devices take their toll on your electrical system. Over a hundred years ago, most of the technology that we use didn’t exist, and the knob and tube wiring system was the best electrical wiring method of the time. Even with the use of EnergyStar energy efficient appliances, this archaic system cannot safety handle modern electric needs. If you keep your old system, you put yourself, your family, and your home at risk.

Two Stranded

Have you ever looked at old appliances and their plugs? They have two-pronged plugs instead of three like our modern plugs do; they are missing a grounding wire. The same is true for older electrical systems such as the two stranded system. Two stranded systems don’t have a grounding wire which raises the risk for an electrical fire or a harmful shock incredibly high. There is a reason why technology has advanced — it is for the purpose of your safety and energy efficiency.

Deterioration of Insulation

The older wiring of knob and tube systems are prone to deterioration, namely, the deterioration of insulation or sheathing on the wiring. As is recommended for extension cords and appliances with damaged cords, you should get rid of this exposed wiring as soon as possible. As is true with the modern cords, this wiring, if allowed to be used, can pose a risk for electrical fire and shock. It is in your best interest to get rid of anything in your home with exposed wiring — including your old knob and tube system.

Overused Wiring

Despite the best efforts of those installing knob and tube electrical panels during this archaic system’s hay day, this system is severely overused. Most systems are fused with 15 amps, but the electrical system itself uses 60 amps. This overuse will not allow you to get the use out of your electrical system that you want, and it will be dangerous to use, again, possibly resulting in an electrical fire or overheating which can damage your home and appliances.

Increases Risk of Shock

We all have seen those hair dryers with those oversized tags and the picture of the person bathing in a tub while using a hair dryer and thought to ourselves how silly it is: why would anyone ever blow dry their hair in a tub? To our modern minds this thought is ridiculous. However, using an appliance such as a hair dryer in your bathroom with a sink or bathtub full of water was extremely dangerous because, as we mentioned above, knob and tube systems don’t have a grounding wire.

Why Should You Replace Your Old Electrical Panel

It’s easy to become complacent in regards to your electrical system because it is something that many of us don’t have to worry about working reliably and safety, but there are times when you should consider updating your panel in your Colorado Springs home.


First, it can be dangerous to have an old electrical panel system, whether it be a knob and tube system or simply one that isn’t suited to handle the increased electrical needs of your Colorado Springs home. A system that is insufficient can result in electrical fires, electrical shock, and excessive heat which can damage your home, appliances, and electrical system. The risks that an outdated panel can pose isn’t worth putting off an upgrade.

Electrical Needs

With changes in lifestyle, as your kids grow up, or your increased passion for Christmas light displays can all be reasons to upgrade. Though many new appliances are energy efficient and, so you are able to consume less energy, sometimes the addition of multiple new appliances can warrant an update.


A kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel are two home renovations that can result in a need for updating your electrical panel. Any remodeling project can require it, but these two projects can in particular cause a need for an upgrade. Why? In many cases, new lights, more appliances, and other electrical upgrades are being implemented and, as a result, increasing the need for electricity for those specific areas of your home.

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