Electrical Panel Upgrades and Installations

Do you have an older residence with outdated wiring and electrical panels? Are you unsure if your electrical panel and system are up-to-date? Did you move into an older home and are wondering what is going on with your electrical system? Having an up-to-date electrical panel and system is not only important for the efficiency of your home and reliable functionality, but also for your family’s safety. The electricians at Front Range Electric would love to help you feel safe and confident in your electrical wiring and panel.

Upgrades and Installation Services

Whether you need to install a new electrical panel or upgrade an older one, the electricians of Front Range Electric in Colorado Springs are here to help.  Our certified electricians can evaluate your fuses or circuit breakers to make sure they measure up.  If your system is older, it may have parts that are no longer available or are less safe than the newer systems.  Taking into account your supply needs and your budget, our electricians can offer the upgrades that will give you the power supply you need at a cost you can afford.

  • Assessment – The electricians at Front Range electric are certified and have the experience to spot issues in your system no matter how large or small.
  • Repair – We can repair your current electrical panel and get your system up and running.
  • Upgrade – Many times, older electrical panels need to be upgraded due to building code requirements and safety. Our electricians will work within your budget so you can have the best system for your needs.
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Other Electrical Services We Offer

Unsure of what is going on with your electrical system? Does your electrical system seem to be weak or ineffective? Contact the electricians of Front Range Electric! Our electricians are experienced in providing professional services for Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. We are the local electricians that can help you have an electrical system that will not only be efficient and up to code, but will work every time and you can be confident will be safely configured. Other electrical services we offer:

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