What better way to relax than soaking in a hot tub? Not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and fresh air that those of us who live in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas love, but you also get to take a well-deserved break.  The electricians of Front Range Electric know that Colorado residents love their hot tubs, and connecting them is one of our specialties!

Hot Tub Connection Services

We would love to help you start enjoying your new hot tub as soon as possible and to make the installation and hot tub wiring process uncomplicated and easy. Our electricians are fully equipped to help you through the hot tub installation process:

  • Connect a new hot tub properly.
  • Evaluate your current hot tub’s wiring system.
  • Service your existing hot tub.

Your Hot Tub and Front Range Electric

If you have a new hot tub that needs to be connected or an older one that needs service, give our local electricians a call.  The electricians of Front Range Electric in Colorado Springs can evaluate your system and get you up and running in no time making sure your current electrical supply is sufficient and can provide the power your hot tub needs.  Our electricians can install and configure all wiring, conduit, and hardware, and make sure the main panel has the appropriate breaker. We provide our professional certified electrical services to Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

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Other Electrical Services We Offer

The local electricians of Front Range Electric service the Colorado Springs area and would love to help you have an efficient and appropriate electrical system. Our electricians can help you with a variety of other electrical projects and problems you may be having. Our services include:

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Hot Tub Connection Tips: Why to Call the Professionals

Being electrical contractors we both admire and are at times frustrated by clients in the Colorado Springs area who choose DIY methods for connecting their hot tub. We respect those who would like to learn how to take care of their own home. However, in some cases, such as connecting your hot tub, leaving it to the professionals can be a better decision and here’s why:

  • Your service panel must be able to handle the power requirements of your hot tub
  • You must follow appropriate safety procedures and meet building code requirements
  • You must effectively and safely establish a power connection
  • GFIs must be placed in the appropriate places
  • Your hot tub must be placed safety away from all electrical cables and power lines

We would love to help you get your hot tub installed in your Colorado Springs home so you can start enjoying the relaxing benefits that a hot tub can offer you. Call our Top Rated Local® electricians at Front Range Electric for electrical service that you can rely on.