Complete House Wiring for Remodeling Projects

When you’re undergoing remodeling or renovation projects in your home, why not take advantage of those exposed walls and ceilings and consider an electrical upgrade?  It’s surprising how many older homes have wiring that is old or corroded.  That bad, outdated wiring can be insufficient for your supply needs, not to mention potentially hazardous. Our electricians would love to help you through your remodeling process so that you can have a result that is exactly what you wanted and at the same time, exceeds your expectations.

Electrical Wiring Services

The local electricians of Front Range Electric in Colorado Springs can make sure your entire home has the most efficient: Up-to-date wiring that will ensure even power distribution so your electrical system will be able to handle new appliances and fixtures that draw a lot of power such as HVAC systems or large appliances. Our electricians specialize in remodeling projects and can assess your needs and recommend upgrades that fit your project and your budget. We offer:

  • Consultation – We’d love to help you have a home that you will love and is the most efficient.
  • Rewiring – We offer professional rewiring services.
  • Light Fixture and Ceiling Fan Installation – We provide professional consultation and installation services.  
  • Assessment – Does your home have old wiring? Installing a new appliance? We can help you make sure your electrical system is functioning well, and will accommodate your new appliances.

A home that is properly wired is more energy efficient and safer for you and your family.  Let us help you have a home that you will not only enjoy, but one that you know is safe!

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Other Electrical Services We Offer

Having electrical problems with your current system or trying to install a hot tub, lighting fixture or ceiling fan? The local electricians of Front Range Electric of Colorado Springs would love to help! We offer electrical services to Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Our electricians will help you have an electrical system that will not only look good, but be efficient and up to code. The electricians of Front Range Electric want to take the stress out of your projects and electrical issues. Our services include:

Contact us if you have any questions about the electrical services that we offer in the Colorado Springs! We offer free consultations and occasionally have coupons. Read more about our electricians and our company here.

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