We are finally seeing the first sights of spring here in Colorado Springs and if you are like the team of local electricians at Front Range Electric, we are, to put it bluntly, stoked for summer. We are ready for warmer days, the ability to walk out our door and not have to bundle up in puffy coats, fleece mittens, and warm hats. However, with all that being said, we are also not quite ready to give up our hot tubs. Though Colorado Springs is notorious for late March, even early June snowstorms, if you haven’t yet cracked open your hot tub, here are a few reasons why you should enjoy your hot tub for as long as you can.

Reasons to Soak it Up in Your Hot Tub

Getting Fresh Air

It’s easy in the winter and early spring to stay indoors. Very few of us like being cold and it often seems like way too much work to throw on a coat, boots, scarves, and other needed layers. As a result, we stay indoors all day, getting fresh air only in the split seconds or mere minutes it takes to walk to and from our homes, cars, and offices. Getting fresh air is needed for both our physical and mental health.

Cold-Weather Hydrotherapy

Depending on a lot of factors, during the winter it is easy to stay in a perpetual state of cold. If you keep your HVAC system set low and if it’s extra cold outside it can be easy to feel like you’re cold all the time. Taking a dip in your hot tub a few times a week can heat up your body and do wonders for your health. Cold muscles can become easily damaged if over-exerted. Heat up your body and avoid injury.

Winter Socializing & Celebrations

A hot tub isn’t just a glorified bathtub. It is an place where you can create community, whether it is with your family that you live with or dear friends. Very few don’t enjoy the comfort of a hot tub. Get the most out of your hot tub by spending time with your family and inviting your friends over for dinner and time in the hot tub.

Maintenance Musts

Though it is nearing time to close down your hot tub, practicing proper maintenance is still crucial. Practice proper hot tub maintenance all season long to get the most out of your hot tub this year and for years to come

  • Invest in a good cover – protect your hot tub with a cover that fits properly
  • Monitor water level – keep your tub filled. Low levels of water can cause your hot tub to freeze
  • Change your water early – stay on top of water changes for a clean hot tub experience
  • Get damage addressed right away – Fix damage right away. Problems that aren’t addressed early can lead to more major damage in the future caused by minor issues that could have been easily fixed

Need Help?

The local electricians of Front Range Electric are here for all of your hot tub connection and electrical needs in Colorado Springs. We would love to help you get the most out of your hot tub this spring before it’s time to close up shop and enjoy summer sunshine and adventures in national parks and hiking trails. Visit the Front Range Electric website to learn more about our Top Rated Local® Contractors and to make an appointment to hook up your hot tub and address any electrical problems. Call us today!