There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, sweating, sticking to your pillow and wondering what’s going on. You look at the thermostat and realize it’s hotter inside than it is outside and yet, no matter what you do, the AC will not kick on. You might be able to contact an HVAC service provider and have them come out sometime during the day, but the summertime is when these companies are busiest, so you may be stuck waiting for several days (if not longer).

When it comes to your AC, it’s better to remain proactive than to wait for something terrible to happen. Here is what you need to do to avoid the AC not working on the first crazy-hot day of the summer.

Summer Air Conditioning Tips

Get Annual Inspections

The single most important step you can perform is having the entire HVAC system inspected annually. Generally the best time to do this is in the spring, before you need to kick on the AC.

Over the course of a year your HVAC system goes through a lot. Vents collect dust and may shift due to altering temperatures, leaving cracks in the ventilation system. Problems could have occurred within the AC as well, such as animals making nests inside an outdoor unit to other hardware related issues. With the help of an annual inspection, you’ll have the problem identified and corrected before you start using it. This way, you know the AC will function like a well-oiled machine come summer time.

With the annual inspection, you’ll want to perform the necessary maintenance the HVAC service provider recommends. Some clean out the vents while others will point you in the direction of a vent cleaning company. The certified HVAC provider may also point out potential problems with the current AC you have in the house. They may recommend having it replaced if it’s old or they might point out other issues you’ll want to listen to. It all comes down to listening to the service provider and performing regular upkeep.

Contact our local electricians of Front Range Electric! We’d love to help you know just what you need to keep your air conditioning repaired and your system running efficiently this summer in Colorado Springs.

Replace Your AC Filters

It’s a simple task yet one not all homeowners think about. You need to make sure and have the AC filter swapped out every two to three months. If you smoke or have pets in the house you’ll want to shoot for every two months. The filters remove dander, dirt and other debris from the air and prevent a build up around the AC. When a buildup occurs it forces the AC to work harder, which puts extra strain on the entire system, increasing the potential for some sort of issue to develop. Even if you have an annual inspection, forcing the AC to work extra hard in the summer can cause problems.

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Clear Away Debris From the Unit

If your AC unit is outside you’ll want to clear away any kind of debris that may have grown around the system over the course of the year. This includes grass, twigs and other organic material. Make sure to check on the inside of the AC as well. You never know what may have moved in from the last time you used the AC. Clean out the interior to help with the AC unit’s performance.

Another tip for keeping debris from the unit is to turn off the thermostat while mowing the lawn. The kicked up grass clippings can get sucked toward the unit.

Prevent the Pests

Another pesky issue with AC units involves pests. That’s right, bugs can find their way into the electrical components within your outdoor cooling equipment. Bugs are bad for units, oftentimes causing air conditioners to seriously malfunction. To keep bugs at bay, spread an environmentally friendly pesticide around the base.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

A common air conditioning issue is a leaky refrigerate. Be proactive by checking levels. The best way to ensure the machine will work at its best is to call a professional who will be able to test the tubing that holds the compound.

Refrigerant is the lifeblood in your air conditioner that helps the hot and wet air around you become that nice cool and dry air you enjoy. A common problem is a leak in the tubing of the air conditioner that holds the refrigerant.

By having your AC (and your entire HVAC system) inspected annually during the spring you’ll avoid ever dealing with no AC during the middle of the summer. Additionally, you’ll cut down on electrical consumption thanks to the efficiency of the hardware. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give an HVAC service provider a call.

Is Your AC Unit Acting Up? Call Your Local Electrician

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