The new year has finally come, and with the new year comes the refreshing, invigorating idea of a new start and the opportunity for a new direction. Whatever your new year’s resolution is, often it is beneficial to make a change in your environment, to make the place that you live reflect your resolution, or be a place that makes you happy and supports your positive direction.

The bathroom is a place that everyone spends time in, some more than others. Whether you are a man that tries to be in and out of the bathroom as soon as possible, you’re a woman whose bathroom becomes her own personal spa, the bathroom should be a place that at the very least doesn’t make us unhappy.

Does your bathroom make you happy or does it feel outdated with little functionality? Are you ready for a change? Maybe it’s time to revamp your Colorado Springs bathroom!

Rules of Remodeling

In our last blog we talked about small changes that you can make to change your bathroom for the new year. These minor changes include buying new towels, improving organization, painting, and a check up for your electrical system by your local electrician. Though these changes may be part of your bathroom remodel, to get started on a large bathroom remodel, you must start thinking about large scale changes you would like to make.


First, you must consider what you like about your bathroom and what you would like to change, and why you are changing these aspects of your bathroom: Are you wanting to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa or are you simply trying to update your outdated fixtures? Brainstorm what you want in your new and improved bathroom and consider looking at Pinterest and home magazine for ideas.

Changes to Be Made

Once you know what you want in your new bathroom, it’s time to consider the items in your bathroom that can be changed:


Want to take your floor from just that which is under your feet to luxury? Consider installing a heated floor. Other ways to update your floor is to change out linoleum and especially carpet, to tile, wood or faux wood flooring.


Changing your vanity can be a great way of updating your Colorado Springs bathroom and adding better organization options. An updated vanity is a great way to add a pop of color or to emphasize the change in style of your bathroom remodel.


With an update in your vanity style, you will often have the option to change your sink. Types of sinks to consider include: Top mount, Undermount, Wall mounted, Pedestal, Semi-recessed, Waterplane, Vessel, and All-in-One. Each type of sink offers you different benefits: Pick a sink that both matches your style and purpose of your bathroom.


Though this may be one of the last parts of your bathroom that you would consider changing, you can definitely change out your toilet. Toilet upgrade options can be a “green” water-conserving toilet, or even a colored toilet!  Colored toilets are often more expensive, but can definitely make a statement.

Shower/ Bath

What kind of changes would you like to make to your shower or bath area? Are you looking to make a larger showering area or do you want a smaller shower and have that large tub that you’ve always wanted? If you want a new tub, you have even more options when it comes to style and materials. Do you want to add a vintage look to your bathroom with an older style or does a modern minimalist style fit your needs?


Lights bring another element of customization to your bathroom remodel. The types of lights available are infinite. First, you must think about how much lighting you will need for your bathroom: Will you need good lighting to apply makeup or are you just looking for lighting that will add to the overall ambiance of your bathroom?

Before you consider installing your lights, call us! Our electricians are known not only for our quality work, but also for our quality of service. Having your bathroom remodel electrical work done correctly is incredibly important for both code standards and safety of those using the bathroom. Call Front Range Electric today and we will help your Colorado Springs bathroom be all that you wanted and more!