Summer can be the perfect time to undertake the remodeling projects that you’ve been considering all year. Not only is the exterior of your home more accessible and you may have more downtime to devote to these projects, but also your kids may be available to help you finish your project, giving you valuable time with the family. In our last blog, we began sharing tips for beginning your summer remodeling projects. As your local electricians, we understand how crucial it is to start your project well with a clear game plan for completing your project. The first steps for beginning your remodeling project include:

  • Making a list of all the remodeling projects you wish to undertake for the betterment of your home
  • Prioritize which project you wish to begin by considering your money and time commitments.
  • Dream about what you want for your remodel

This week we will finish up this blog series with our last suggestions for beginning your remodeling project. And as always, we at Front Range Electric pride ourselves in being the Top Rated Local® local electrician for Colorado Springs. To learn more about us, visit our website.


Another part of the pre-planning process of a remodeling is to research the effects of your remodel on the value of your home. If this is not a consideration for you, then you can move on to the next step. But if there is a chance that you may want to eventually sell your home, think about how your remodel could either add or detract from the value of your home. Most likely, it will have no effect or will add value. Be sure to do your research so you can enjoy your remodeled home knowing that you are also making a future investment.

Consider Budget

After you’ve decided what kind of project that you want to undertake first, make a list of all the materials and tools that you will need so you can begin to see how much you will have to spend on your remodeling project, as well as what you need to complete your project. Once you know all that you need and the money that is required to purchase your items, you can move forward in the remodeling process.


With some projects, you may be able to complete without a schedule of events, but the logistics required to complete others may need conscious planning and coordination. If your project requires help from a contractor or if you may need to pause your remodeling for a family vacation, make a plan as to when you are going to complete your projects so that you don’t have any exposed wiring or painful inconveniences to deal with.

Get Started!

The next step is to get started on your remodeling which can be the hardest part about beginning these type of projects. Once you have completed all the preliminary steps, start by purchasing the tools you will need—or at least those that you need at the start of your project—and get your supplies. If you aren’t the handy-type, it’s time to find a local Colorado Springs contractor to for your remodeling project.

If you want to remodel your home and you have all that you need to complete it successfully, why wait? Get started today to have the home of your dreams.

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