It’s that time of year that we dream is almost here. Summer in Colorado Springs is right around the corner and most of us are ready for warmer months, hours outside in the sunshine, and all the other fun activities that summer brings. Before summer gets in full swing, it’s important to perform basic pre-summer maintenance for your home before the weather turns summer hot.

AC Tune Up

As your local electrician we are especially adamant about making sure your AC is ready to work hard these next few months. Nothing is worse than when the hot weather hits and your AC that you relied on last summer to keep the hot summer blahs away is out of commission. Before  summer starts, you should have your coolant levels checked, coils cleaned, and your electrical wiring inspected. Having wiring that is sound and functional is crucial to ensuring the safety of your home; avoiding unnecessary fire risks, especially later in the summer when landscaping is dry is extremely important.

Want to make sure your air conditioner is running well? Have you already turned it on and it’s making funny noises? Call Front Range Electric in Colorado Springs! We are your local electricians that are here to help you stay cool and safe this summer. Contact us!

Roof & Gutter Check

Another maintenance task to take care of before the summer heat arrives is to check your roof and gutters. Check the roof for any missing shingles or damage, especially after our recent hail storms. Make sure any damaged spots are repaired before June’s afternoon thunderstorms come our way. Taking care of small issues now is best before they become ugly, leaky, and expensive problems. While you’re up examining your roof (and please be careful!), check the gutters. If your gutters are full of dead leaves and other debris, clean them. Clean gutters ensure that your drainage system works when the rain storms move in. Also, leaves and the other grime that builds up in our gutters, if allowed to stay, can build up overtime and cause a bigger more frustrating mess that you will have to clean up anyway.

Window Check

Next, check your windows. Look for missing sealant and weather-stripping that, if not replaced, can cause cool air to escape and your electrical bill to skyrocket. Check the condition of your screens for those days you want to let in some fresh air; cleaning your screens can also be helpful in keeping dust and pollens out of your home. Also, consider cleaning your windows both inside and out for a clear view of the beautiful spring and summer days ahead.

Wash Exterior

Want your home to really shine? Consider pressure washing the outside! Pressure washing will remove mud, dust, mildew and other winter grime from the outside of your home. If you are considering painting your home, this is especially important. Be sure to cover electrical outlets, windows, doors, and anything else that could get damaged. Keep in mind that having a sparking clean home can improve its curb appeal.

Front Range Electric: Your Local Electrician

Front Range Electric prides themselves in being the local electricians for the Colorado Springs area. Though we can’t help you with every aspect of your home’s pre-summer maintenance, we’d love to help you in the ways we can through air conditioning repair, tune up, or rewiring. We can help you with a variety of other services including remodeling projects, wiring repair, ceiling fan installation, panel upgrades and installation and so much more! Check out available coupons and contact us for a free consultation.

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