If you are just joining us, lately we’ve been talking about summer remodeling. Summer can be an excellent time to work on those remodeling projects that we have been thinking for years or while snow was piling outside our Colorado Springs homes. Though, for many, summer can be a busy time of planned events, vacations, and time with family, if you are in store for a slower summer this year, it can be a great time to catch up on the “honey do” list and begin remodeling. In our last several blogs we’ve been discussing how to begin remodeling—the steps that our residential electricians suggest for beginning your project well for its success:

  • Make a list of those remodeling projects you have been wishing for
  • Prioritize which you’d like to accomplish first depending on budget and time availability
  • Dream about what you want for your remodel
  • Research how your remodel will affect the value of your home
  • Consider the budget you need to complete your project
  • Schedule your project and the various stages you will need to complete it
  • Get Started!

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Summer Home Improvement Projects

This week we are going to talk about remodeling projects to begin this summer and how they can help you better enjoy the place you call home.

Kitchen Remodel

As we have discussed in previous blogs, a kitchen remodel can be essential for breathing new life into a home. A kitchen is not only a place that most of us spend a lot of time, but it tends to be the place where we all gather during parties and other get togethers. Remodeling a kitchen can help not only make it a more pleasant place to be, but also improve it’s usability, and energy efficiency. A color change, cabinet replacement, window addition, electrical or lighting system upgrade, or a new reconfiguration of your kitchen can greatly enhance your kitchen. When considering a kitchen remodel think about your budget, what you need, and the function that your kitchen plays in your everyday life. Have questions about how to make your kitchen more energy efficient or if you can add that new trendy lamp, contact our local residential electricians in Colorado Springs!

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is another place that we spend a lot of our day. Whether you are someone who spends an hour in the bathroom every morning, you like a leisurely bubble bath every once in awhile, or you just use your bathroom for the essentials, a bathroom can always use a remodel. Remodeling a bathroom can not only make it a more relaxing place, but also one that is more energy efficient. Updating your bathroom can include simple superficial improvements such as a new paint color or it can also include a full reconfiguration of your space. Often lighting can make a big difference when wishing to update your bathroom. Not only can it put more money in your pocketbook with all the energy efficient options now available, but it can transform your space’s feel and style. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, contact Front Range Electric! We can help you with simple installations, as well as complex wiring issues.

Deck Remodel

Though there are a lot of remodeling options for your indoor space, why not improve your outdoor space, as well? Adding or expanding a deck or adding a pergola can greatly improve your patio area, making it a perfect place to not only enjoy peaceful summer mornings, but also host summer holiday parties. Remodeling can improve the quality and amount of shade that you have, add better lighting, and even give you the option of an outdoor kitchen. Really, the ways in which you can improve your backyard area making it a more relaxing sanctuary or a large party area are many. If you want to know more about the possibilities that your backyard holds, speak to one of our electricians. We can help you see the possibilities available and help achieve your dreams that you have for the Colorado Springs home.

These are just a few of the remodeling possibilities that you can undertake this summer. Stay tuned for more blogs about remodeling this summer, how to be energy efficient, and all that you need to know about electrical panels.

Remodeling this Summer?

Are you ready to make your Colorado Springs home your dream home, your sanctuary, or the “go-to” party pad? Our residential electricians can help! Front Range Electric’s technicians can help you not only make sure your remodel is up to code, but can help you make your home all that you’ve ever wanted it to be. We are not magicians, but we are knowledgeable and experienced, with all the needed expertise to get the job done right and beautifully: all this makes us the Top Rated Local® electricians of Colorado Springs.Visit our website to learn more about us and schedule a free consultation!

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